Despite efforts by various cities and municipalities to create safer road conditions for bicyclists, riding a bike around people driving a vehicle can still be a dangerous activity. If a driver fails to pay attention, disobeys traffic law, or does anything else reckless, a cyclist is at risk of sustaining severe and potentially life-changing trauma.

After accidents of this nature, pursuing comprehensive recovery with a personal injury attorney’s support could be vital to minimizing long-term financial, physical, and emotional losses. If you have questions about whether your circumstances might justify a claim, a Temple bicycle accident lawyer could provide the answers and legal advice you might need to protect your rights and interests.

Common Bike Wreck Injuries and Damages

Unlike people inside a vehicle, bicyclists have virtually no protection from external impacts – only a helmet and some thin padding. Unfortunately, even low-speed collisions with motor vehicles could cause substantial physical harm to someone riding a bike. A cyclist could experience injuries from ligament tears and broken bones to debilitating spine, brain, and internal organ trauma.

Recovering financially for the effects of these injuries goes beyond out-of-pocket expenses like emergency medical bills and missed pay at work. Various short-term and long-term losses, economic or non-economic, may play a role in this type of case, including:

  • Bicycle repair and replacement costs
  • Lost future earning capacity
  • Future medical care costs, including therapeutic and rehabilitative treatments
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Psychological trauma
  • Lost enjoyment of life and other effects of permanent disability

A bike crash attorney in Temple could assist in identifying recoverable losses and estimating their value to demand fair compensation.

How Could Comparative Fault Impact Litigation?

Generally, holding someone financially liable for bike accident injuries requires proving they directly caused the collision in question by acting recklessly behind the wheel. However, some cases might involve allegations that a cyclist was partially responsible for their own injuries.

If a court finds that a bicyclist’s irresponsible behavior contributed to causing or worsening their injuries, Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code §33.012 allows a court to proportionately reduce this plaintiff’s available compensation based on their assigned share of the total fault. Additionally, under TX Civ. Prac. & Rem. Code §33.001, a court bars any person found more at fault for their bike wreck than all named defendants combined from obtaining any civil compensation for their injuries. A seasoned lawyer in Temple could ensure an individual receives the compensation they need after a bike collision.

Speak with a Temple Bicycle Accident Attorney Today

Crashing while riding a bike could be painful and debilitating no matter how it happens but being hit by a negligent driver while riding is often life-altering. Any driver who recklessly or carelessly harms you in this way should be held accountable for their misconduct, and assistance from legal counsel could be crucial to doing that effectively.

A conversation with a Temple bicycle accident lawyer could help you understand your rights and proactively protect your best interests. Call today for an initial consultation.