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When suffering from injuries caused by another person’s reckless actions, you may be wondering what options you have for collecting compensation. Fortunately, filing a detailed personal injury lawsuit might be an ideal option for your circumstances. A skilled attorney could analyze your case, compile evidence of a defendant’s negligence, and help you pursue sufficient monetary damages.

An experienced San Marcos personal injury lawyer could further outline your rights and explain the process of submitting a claim. Our San Marcos team also services Redwood and Zorn.

Available Damages in Personal Injury Cases

In general, the goal of a personal injury lawsuit for a wounded plaintiff to collect financial compensation that helps them recover from physical, financial, and emotional setbacks. A claimant can only do this when they are able to prove that the defendant’s negligent conduct undoubtedly caused the accident in question. After establishing recklessness, a plaintiff can usually move forward to collect compensation for different dangerous situations. The extent of monetary damages awarded depends on the nature of the accident.

Compensation for Property Damage

In many cases, a plaintiff’s land, house, car, or other property will be harmed after an accident. When this happens, the negligent defendant becomes responsible for repaying the damage done to these valuable assets. The defendant’s insurance provider will usually become involved in these situations.

Repayment for Medical Expenses

Most severe accidents usually leave a plaintiff with costly medical bills. For instance, hospital invoices, surgery costs, long-term treatment expenses, and rehabilitation costs can accumulate quickly. Ongoing medical treatment could mean years of financial setbacks, but damages in personal injury cases generally take these worries into account.

Compensation for Lost Income and Reduced Earning Capacity

Serious injuries also might leave a plaintiff unable to work, either for a short or long period. Lost income or reduced earning capacity could have a devastating financial impact on a claimant’s family, but compensation could help them get back on track.

Monetary Damages for Pain and Suffering

Compensation in personal injury lawsuits can also help a plaintiff recover from more subjective or emotional setbacks, such as the stress, discomfort, and agony associated with a severe wound.  It can be more difficult for a plaintiff to establish that they are entitled to these damages, but a tenacious attorney could factor these aspects into a successful claim.

Wrongful Death Awards

If a close family member was killed as a result of an accident, the defendant usually needs to assume financial responsibility for the expenses associated with that loss. Compensation in wrongful death cases typically includes payments for lost earnings over a lifetime, funeral costs, grief, and loss of support.

A knowledgeable attorney in San Marcos could determine which type of personal injury claim applies to a wounded plaintiff’s situation and help them pursue sufficient monetary damages.

Filing Deadlines in Personal Injury Lawsuits

Texas Statute Section 16.003 establishes that individuals must file their personal injury action within two years of the accident in question. The submission window usually begins on the day that a claimant sustains their injuries. If the plaintiff does not file their lawsuit before this statute of limitations ends, a trial court judge will likely dismiss the case.

In certain situations, a “tolling” criteria might extend the statute of limitations. This typically applies to child injury cases but may also occur in situations where the plaintiff is mentally incapacitated. Other complications that might extend the window include a defendant fleeing the jurisdiction to avoid involvement in the lawsuit.

An adaptable lawyer in San Marcos could help a plaintiff file a claim on time or determine whether their personal injury lawsuit is subject to a statute of limitations extension.

Contact a San Marcos Personal Injury Attorney Today

Every injury caused by a defendant’s negligence deserves to be examined by a dedicated attorney. These complex cases might entitle you to substantial compensation, depending on the severity of your injuries and the circumstances of the accident.

Call a San Marcos personal injury lawyer today to learn more about your rights, obligations, and protections as a wounded plaintiff.


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