Many people in Round Rock and the surrounding areas rely on nursing home staff to care for themselves or their loved ones. This often requires around-the-clock attention and dedicated staff members. Patients are supposed to receive quality care from the staff at a nursing home. Instead, many residents face abuse, dirty living conditions, or unsafe environments.

If this is happening to you or a loved one, work with a compassionate Round Rock Nursing home abuse lawyer. Our dedicated injury attorneys could investigate the instance of retirement home neglect and help you navigate the complex civil claims process.

Typical Examples of Nursing Home Abuse

The term “nursing home abuse” encompasses a variety of conduct. Some of this abuse is intentional, like when staff takes advantage or neglects an older adult out of malice. Meanwhile, other situations involve unintentional neglect or mistreatment. Common examples of nursing home abuse include but are not limited to:

  • Emotional abuse and trauma
  • Physical harm
  • Rape and other sexual misconduct
  • Financial exploitation and theft
  • Failure to change bedding
  • Malnutrition or purposeful deprivation of food
  • Isolating residents from their family members
  • Unnecessary confinement

A tenacious attorney in Round Rock understands these forms of nursing home abuse and could fight, through a civil claim, to receive justice and compensation for a senior citizen.

What Might Signal Nursing Home Mistreatment?

Certain signs may indicate that a nursing home is abusing or mistreating residents. Unfortunately, these signals can be difficult to detect if a family is not looking for them. One of the most common is residents “losing” essential and valuable items. Older people may lose things occasionally—everyone does—but frequently misplaced items can quickly become suspicious. Sudden changes to a loved one’s finances, will, or other estate planning documents could also reveal coercion or other wrongful conduct.

Other signs of mistreatment may be more physical or behavioral, such as:

  • Unexplained bruising or skin damage
  • Physical wounds
  • Sudden paranoia
  • Losing a significant amount of weight
  • Sexually transmitted diseases or infections

All these indicators deserve immediate representation, and a seasoned Round Rock lawyer could investigate potential signs of nursing home abuse to hold a negligent retirement community accountable.

Reporting Abuse to the Authorities

Along with filing a civil claim for compensation, families should report any suspected instances of retirement home abuse to the relevant local authorities. Family members can do this through the Texas Health and Human Services hotline. This resource may help law enforcement initiate an investigation and protect an abused nursing home resident.

Work with a Round Rock Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

Nursing home abuse can severely damage a person’s physical health, mental stability, and financial well-being. The negligent or intentional actions of staff should not be left unnoticed. This abuse is unacceptable, and a personal injury claim may help the injured individual and their family win substantial compensation.

Let a skilled Round Rock nursing home abuse lawyer offer the representation and knowledge you need to succeed. Contact us today to get started on your claim.

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