In the United States, motor vehicle collisions account for a vast majority of personal injury cases today. While car accidents can range from the common fender bender to a severe multiple-vehicle pile-up, the injuries a person sustains in even the most minor crashes can have devastating and costly consequences.

With help from a dedicated attorney, you or your loved one could maximize your potential damages award while mitigating your risk of losing the financial compensation you deserve. To learn how a skilled Round Rock car accident lawyer could assist you with your civil injury claim, pick up the phone and call today.

Types of Motor Vehicle Collisions

Auto crashes can happen on a road or street at any given time and can occur in a number of ways. Some of the different types of motorist collisions include the following:

  • Rear-end or “front-to-rear”
  • Sideswipe
  • Front-end or “head-on”
  • Rollover
  • Side-impact or “T-bone”

While car accidents may be unpredictable, there are some instances in which a driver could be at higher risk of getting into certain vehicle collisions than others. The likelihood of a traffic accident occurring depends on several interconnecting factors, such as the volume and flow of traffic, whether the area is urban or rural, and the time of the day or year at which they are traveling. An attorney in Round Rock with experience handling car accident injury cases could review a victim’s claim to determine who may be held liable for damages.

Common Injuries Sustained in Car Crashes

Although the accidental injuries a person suffers in a vehicular collision significantly vary by case, there are specific physical injuries that are frequently incurred in automobile crashes of varying types and degrees of severity. Some of the most common car accident injuries include:

  • Whiplash
  • Abrasions and contusions
  • Internal injuries (e.g., organ tissue damage, internal bleeding, etc.)
  • Skeletal fractures or sprains
  • Traumatic head injuries
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

While there are many cases where a crash victim’s injuries are so severe that the need for medical treatment is readily apparent, the damage a motorist suffers in a car wreck may not be immediate. A sophisticated Round Rock attorney could work to ensure any monetary damages a car accident victim seeks to recover are adequate compensation for their losses or injuries.

Contact a Knowledgeable Round Rock Car Accident Attorney for Help

There is a wide variety of automobiles on the nation’s roadways today, and each poses a potential risk of harm to other drivers. With motorists facing uncertainty the moment they shift into drive, seeking legal counsel following even a seemingly minor collision could be critical for a car wreck victim to receive sufficient compensation for their losses.

If you or a family member was recently injured in a car crash as a result of another party’s negligence, you may have a viable civil injury claim for damages against the party responsible. For more information about your legal options, call now to schedule a legal consultation to discuss your case with a skilled Round Rock car accident lawyer.

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