Even when operated safely and responsibly, modern tractor-trailers are still massive vehicles that can cause immense damage to cars, drivers, and passengers in a collision. If a truck driver, their employer, or anyone else acts irresponsibly and causes a serious collision, they should be the one held financially liable for the consequences.

While it might be tempting to feel like you can handle this situation alone, getting the results you need from your case can be an uphill battle if you work without an experienced personal injury attorney. Working closely with a Killeen truck accident lawyer could improve your odds of obtaining compensation and holding the right people accountable.


Any truck driver who causes a wreck by breaking a traffic law or doing something reckless behind the wheel can be held liable for damages sustained by other people. In practice, though, individual truckers rarely have enough money and/or personal assets to pay for the life-changing consequences that a crash like this can have. Because of this, it is often in a plaintiff’s best interests to try and target another defendant in their truck accident claim.

For example, trucking companies who hire irresponsible drivers can often be held vicariously liable for the negligence of their employees. Additionally, mechanics who provide poor service to a truck or suppliers who load a truck improperly may be partially or even primarily to blame for an accident. A knowledgeable attorney in Killeen could help identify the right defendants and pinpoint the legal strategy for holding them accountable after a trucking wreck.


Because of how much larger, longer, and heavier commercial trucks are compared to virtually every other vehicle, injuries sustained by truck crash victims tend to be especially severe. Truck accident victims commonly experience permanent losses of motor, sensory, and/or cognitive function, and even less severe crashes can still result in substantial physical, financial, and personal losses that impact a plaintiff’s life.

Fortunately, state law makes it possible to demand comprehensive restitution for all past, current, and future losses. For instance, truck accident plaintiffs commonly seek compensation for:

  • All costs related to vehicle damage, including car replacement expenses and rental car fees
  • Emergency medical bills and the cost of future rehabilitative care
  • Lost working ability or reduced income
  • Physical pain from injuries
  • Emotional trauma from the accident
  • Lost consortium
  • Reduced or compromised enjoyment of daily life

During an initial consultation, a skilled lawyer in Killeen could assess the details of a truck accident to determine the full extent of compensation that a plaintiff deserves.


Commercial truck crashes can be traumatic or deadly experiences. After an accident, you might be left with costly medical bills, lost income, and other stressful setbacks. Thankfully, if you can demonstrate that a negligent trucker or commercial vehicle company caused the accident, you can likely file a civil claim to protect your legal rights.

This might sound overwhelming, but help is available from a knowledgeable and tenacious Killeen truck accident lawyer. Call us today to schedule a meeting.

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