Handling Austin, Texas Intersection & Stop Sign Accidents

By April 19, 2017Car Accidents
Intersection accident

Intersection accidentThis is the first post in a series which will deal with the handling of intersection and stop sign accidents in Austin, Texas. We are writing this series due to the fact that, unlike many other forms of car wreck cases, injuries in intersections often include disputes over liability. In such instances it is common for victims to not contact an attorney out of a belief that they will not be able to prove fault. The goal of our coming posts is to provide information which will help people understand that they may have legal recourse and to help them make an informed decision when selecting a personal injury lawyer. If you find yourself in such a situation then contact our office today to make an appointment.

We will be addressing several topics over our coming articles. Issues which we will analyze include:

  • Why stop sign & intersection accident cases often involve disputes over liability
  • Steps which can be taken to prove that the other driver was at fault
  • How Texas’ comparative fault laws impact such cases
  • Dealing with insurance adjusters after the accident
  • Taking the case to trial

These are topics which injury victims must understand. First, in an intersection case there is often a dispute as to who had the “right of way” and in some instances law enforcement may state that both drivers were partially at fault. Second, hiring an investigator and conducting discovery may allow for the establishment of liability. Third, state law may allow a victim to be compensated even if they were partially at fault. Fourth, it may still be possible to reach a reasonable settlement even if the insurance adjuster initially denies liability. Finally, trial will be necessary if a settlement cannot be reached.

It is important that injury victims not accept “quick settlements” in such cases. As discovery is conducted, evidence may arise which makes the defendant’s liability more obvious. This can increase a victim’s chances of being compensated for their injuries. This is why it is important that you retain a firm that will thoroughly investigate your case and give it the attention it deserves. Our Austin stop sign accident attorneys pride themselves on providing the highest level of service in each and every case they handle. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation.

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