Although traveling by commercial plane is statistically much safer than traveling in any type of motor vehicle, that does not mean airplane accidents never happen. Both commercial jets and smaller, privately operated planes can crash or cause injuries to passengers. If negligence in airplane operation or maintenance leads to a minor incident on the ground or a catastrophic crash from the air, it is important that you fight for the financial compensation you deserve. This can be challenging if you do not work with skilled legal representation.

Help is available from dedicated injury lawyers who have years of experience helping people in similar situations. If you were injured or lost a family member in an accident involving an aircraft, speaking with a skilled and dedicated aviation injury lawyer should be a top priority.

How Negligence Can Cause Aviation Accidents

Modern commercial airplanes are complex machines with thousands of interwoven components, backup systems, and failsafe procedures meant to ensure that the risk of a fatal accident is as minimal as humanly possible. Unfortunately, some employees of major airlines do not follow through with preflight safety checks or maintenance procedures as diligently as they should. Additionally, some pilots and crew do not act with care and consideration at all times while a plane is in the air.

If any kind of airplane accident stems from a mechanical failure, reckless or careless conduct by pilots or air traffic controllers, or a simple lack of training and experience among people filling vital roles, the company that hired and employed the negligent individual(s) could likely be held vicariously liable for the resulting injuries. In the same vein, similar issues with a smaller private plane could impose liability against the aircraft’s operator and/or owner.

Airports may also bear liability for injuries that occur on the ground due to poor facility maintenance. For instance, slips and falls off ramps, baggage cart collisions, and traffic accidents involving airport transit shuttle could all open up an airport to liability. A knowledgeable aviation accident attorney could thoroughly review a particular accident during a private initial meeting and offer guidance about the best way to recover compensation.

Recovering for the Impact of an Aviation Accident

Just like with any personal injury claim, a person hurt in an aviation accident caused by someone else’s carelessness could demand restitution from the negligent party or parties for all past and future forms of harm. Compensation might include repayment for objective financial losses like medical bills and missed work income, as well as subjective pain and suffering like psychological trauma and lost quality of life.

If an airplane crash or accident results in someone’s premature death, a compassionate lawyer could work with surviving family members to pursue compensation through wrongful death litigation. In this situation, recoverable damages would be centered around losses that surviving family members have suffered and will continue to experience, such as funeral expenses, lost financial support, and lost companionship.

Contact an Aviation Injury Attorney for Assistance

Many people know that flying is the safest way to travel, and while that statistic is true, it does not account for how catastrophic airplane accidents often are when they do occur. Even non-fatal injuries can still have life-changing repercussions, and demanding compensation for all those losses is not something any accident victim should have to manage alone.

Seeking help from a capable aviation injury lawyer could make a huge difference in your odds of securing the restitution and compensation you deserve. Our skilled legal team could help you hold an airline, private pilot, or airport accountable for their negligent conduct. Call today for a consultation.