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Austin Oil Field Injury Lawyers

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Texas is home to many companies in the oil and energy industries. Oil has proven to be a great source of employment for our state over the years. It must be understood, however, that this type of work is often performed in dangerous and hazardous conditions. Such conditions can result in serious injuries and leave the victim requiring ongoing care while suffering a reduced ability to earn money. If you or a loved one have been injured in an oil-related accident, contact our Austin oil field injury lawyers today. Let our personal injury lawyers help you obtain the compensation you deserve.


    Compensating Injuries that Occurred on an Oil Field

    Oil field related injuries may occur in a number ways. It may be that equipment was not properly maintained, that the company was negligent, or that another employee created a dangerous situation. Such danger may result in fires, explosions, toxic exposure, and other such situations. If someone has been injured in such a situation, they should contact legal counsel immediately. An attorney may be able to seal the scene of the accident so that it is preserved for investigation. Experts will be retained to investigate the scene and render an opinion of what happened. In serious injury cases then it will be necessary to secure medical, and possibly vocational, experts as well. Hiring an attorney with the resources necessary to handle such a matter is crucial.

    Austin attorney Dan Christensen aggressively handles cases which occurred on an oil field. Once retained, we will take immediate steps to investigate the incident. Our firm will use the discovery process to obtain additional evidence of negligence or hazardous conditions. Dan will ensure that you know what to expect from the process and be in regular contact with you throughout your oil field injury claim.

    Austin Attorneys with the Resources to Litigate Oil Field Injury Cases

    Civil cases involving oil field injuries can be highly complex. The energy industry has vast resources, and such matters sometimes take an extended period of time. When choosing an attorney to handle such matters, it is important to pick a firm with the resources to see the case through to completion and retain the necessary experts. DC Law prides itself on providing the personal service of a smaller firm while having the resources of a larger firm. We quickly return phone calls and respond to client e-mails. Our Austin oil field injury lawyers will do their best to explain complex concepts to you in a way you can understand to help you feel at ease. With so much at stake, we pledge to take your oil field accident case seriously, so call today.

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