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Few things are as irresponsible as getting behind the wheel of a car after drinking. Unfortunately, drunk driving occurs on a regular basis in Austin and throughout the United States. While many attorneys make their living by representing reckless drivers in criminal court, our firm believes that the victims of such a crime should also be protected in civil court. If you have been the victim of a drunk driver, contact our motor vehicle collision attorneys. A Austin drunk driving accident lawyer understands how to best establish liability in these cases and can pursue compensation on your behalf regardless of whether the at-fault driver is charged with DUI.


    High-Quality Service from Our Local Drunk Driving Collision Lawyers

    Most auto accident cases are the result of negligence. Drunk driving, however, is a reckless behavior which creates a greater risk of serious injuries such as head trauma, spinal injury, paralysis, or even wrongful death. When bringing suit against a drunk driver, it is often necessary to request punitive damages (which are meant to punish the other side) as well as a request for compensatory damages (which are meant to compensate for the harm done to the victim). Hiring the right attorney can make the difference in the extent to which the plaintiff recovers damages in an Austin drunk driving claim.

    Our lawyers can help obtain records such as breathalyzer results and blood tests to show that the at-fault driver was impaired. We will also closely monitor any criminal proceedings so that liability can be quickly established. 

    We understand that the victim of drunk driving has been wronged. We’ll focus on the legal aspect so that the victim can focus on the important business of getting life back on track. Our legal team is ready to assist you.

    Signs a Defendant Was Intoxicated

    The state defines legal intoxication per se while driving as a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08 percent or higher. This level establishes, by law, that the driver was intoxicated. However, a lesser percentage can still be considered intoxication, when other signs are present.

    Signals that a driver is impaired include:

    • Slurred speech
    • Red and glassy eyes
    • Strong odor of alcohol on breath or in vehicle
    • Open containers of alcohol
    • Unsafe driving practices, speeding, inability to maintain lane
    • Admissions to drinking or using drugs

    Intoxication can occur as the result of alcohol, illegal drugs, prescription drugs, or even over-the-counter medications. Any intoxication that led to unsafe driving and that ultimately caused the accident could be the proof needed to file an effective claim.

    A diligent lawyer in Austin could implement evidence to demonstrate that a defendant definitely caused an accident by driving drunk.

    Call an Austin Drunk Driving Accident Attorney for a Free Consultation

    Being involved in a crash with an inebriated driver can be devastating for all involved parties. To recover what losses you can, consider reaching out to a local attorney who has experience litigating drunk driving cases. Get in touch with a well-versed Austin drunk driving accident lawyer to maximize your chances of recovering compensation in a civil claim.

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