Whether it stems from a fiery car wreck, accidental exposure to dangerous chemicals, an electrical short, or any other means, it is important to take a burn injury seriously in the aftermath of an accident. Even burns of a low degree may require expensive medical care and can result in significant physical pain. More severe burns often cause permanent damage and may even be life-threatening.

If you or a loved one were burned because another person acted recklessly or carelessly, retaining a skilled catastrophic injury attorney could be the best way to recover your financial losses. A qualified Austin burn injury lawyer can walk you through your options, help you build a comprehensive lawsuit or settlement demand, and work to secure a favorable resolution in or out of court on your behalf.

The Varying Dangers of Severe Burns

When only the top layer of skin is affected, it is considered a first-degree burn. Since these topical injuries typically heal on their own after a few days, they generally do not constitute civil litigation.

Conversely, prolonged exposure to hot liquids or steam, caustic chemicals, and live electrical currents can lead to second-degree burns, which cause damage to two layers of skin – the outer epidermis, and the inner dermis. These types of burns are characterized by blisters, a white coloring of the skin, and significant physical pain, and medical intervention is often necessary to prevent permanent scarring.

Third-degree burns, which involve the destruction of the epidermis and dermis as well as damage to underlying muscle and bone, are the most dangerous. These injuries commonly result in:

  • A dry and leathery appearance of the skin
  • Damage to nerve endings
  • Scarring
  • Permanent loss of sensation
  • Life-threatening infections

An Austin attorney can help a burn victim seek civil compensation for any injury resulting from someone else’s negligence that requires professional medical care.

Proving Liability for a Burn Injury in Austin

Burn injury lawsuits based on legal negligence allow accident victims to hold liable parties financially responsible for the harm they cause through carelessness. A defendant may be considered legally negligent if they cause someone else to suffer compensable losses in an otherwise preventable accident by acting recklessly.

Depending on the circumstances, it may take extensive evidence to prove liability for a burn injury in civil court or during private settlement negotiations. In addition to ensuring a civil claim accounts for all a person’s past and future damages, a seasoned lawyer in our area can also assist with proving liability for a burn accident.

Consider Working with an Austin Burn Injury Attorney

Because of their potential to cause permanent and debilitating harm, burn injuries are among the most dangerous forms of harm that an accident can cause. Fortunately, one of our attorneys can help you hold responsible parties financially accountable for the damages their negligence caused. Assistance from a dedicated Austin burn injury lawyer can make a substantial difference in the outcome of your case. To schedule your initial consultation, call our team today.

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