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Cyclists often fall victim to negligent driving on our roadways and commonly suffer significant and life-threatening injuries. If you were injured while riding a bicycle, you may have legal options to recover financially. Our Austin bicycle accident lawyers have decades of combined experience and aggressively protect the victims of negligence. Let our team file a claim for compensation on your behalf.


    Austin Attorneys Assisting Bicycle Riders who Have Been Hit by a Car

    Cyclist Vulnerabilities

    Bicycle riders can sustain serious harm when they are struck by a car, regardless of whether they were wearing a helmet. The victims of such incidents are defenseless against an oncoming car and will sustain harm in two ways. First, they will be injured when hit and, second, they may also be injured when they impact the ground.

    Being hit by a car can cause cyclists to sustain serious injuries, such as paralysis, spinal damage, head trauma, or even wrongful death. If the accident occurred due to a driver’s negligence, then the bicyclist may be entitled to compensation for current and future expenses, lost earnings, and more.

    State law also provides that emotional anguish and pain and suffering may be recoverable in certain circumstances. It is imperative that the victims of biking collisions retain an Austin attorney so they can receive the compensation they deserve.

    The first step in a local bike crash case is to determine the extent to which the plaintiff has been harmed. Proving damages in a biking accident case can be complicated, so it is highly recommended to contact an attorney as soon as possible. We could help gather medical records and any diagnoses made by a medical professional to assert the severity of your losses. If your injuries are severe, you may require multiple medical opinions as well as an analysis by a vocational expert.

    Proving Negligence in a Local Biking Accident Case

    Every motor vehicle operator must be alert while on the roadways and avoid foreseeable accidents. Drivers who fail to meet this obligation risk injuring cyclists and incurring civil liability. Specially, negligent drivers could be held liable for the injuries a cyclist suffers in an otherwise preventable accident.

    The defendant will likely claim that the bike rider came into traffic and caused the accident. Hiring counsel with experience in proving fault in bicycle collision cases can therefore be crucial. If the driver claims you were at fault, we may employ an accident reconstructionist to present an explanation at trial of what happened.

    The key to proving negligence is the determination of fault. This means establishing that the defendant breached their duty of care while operating a motor vehicle. An example of a motorist’s breach of care would be texting while driving or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

    Texas law also requires plaintiffs in biking accident cases to prove that the defendant’s actions directly caused their injuries. Our team of Austin attorneys could contact witnesses and gather evidence from the scene of the bicycle collision on your behalf to illustrate the defendant’s liability to a judge.

    How Long Does an Injured Cyclist Have to File Suit?

    In Austin, negligence claims have a two-year statute of limitations, with few exceptions. You should submit a bike crash claim as soon as possible to avoid having your case dismissed for missing the filing deadline. Our skilled bicycle accident lawyers may be able to help get the process started earlier and expedite a resolution.

    Our Austin Bicycle Accident Attorneys Are Here to Help

    Bicycle wrecks can result in expensive and painful injuries. Those injured while cycling may want to consider seeking the guidance of an experienced bike crash lawyer.

    Do not go through the process alone; consult with an Austin bicycle accident lawyer who has successfully litigated negligence claims. If you were injured, call our team for legal assistance.

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